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Sean Spicer DESTROYS CNN and Politico After Liberal News Crybabies Snub Trump

Though Sean Spicer may not be White House Press Secretary any longer, he’s still not backing down from calling out the biased, anti-Trump fake news media.

Spicer, who battled with the agenda-driven mainstream media’s attacks for the duration of his time with the Trump administration, spoke out on Wednesday, during an appearance with Sean Hannity.

“It is these media types; CNN and Politico, that are doing a disservice to the gracious act that the president and First Lady have offered,” said Spicer, who was clearly not amused with the media’s behavior.

The audacity of CNN, who has been publicly and thoroughly exposed to the rest of the country as the biased, fake news propagators they are, to turn down an invitation to the White House Christmas party, is staggering.

After relentlessly attacking and criticizing President Trump for the duration of his time in the White House, CNN, who knowingly used lies and fake news against the president, now has the nerve to snub his invitation?

As for Politico, just ask a group of random people if they’ve heard of them- they haven’t, and the fact that their organization was even acknowledged by the Trump administration was likely a clerical error to begin with.

Both CNN and Politico should lose their press passes for such a disrespectful and embarrassing display of childish behavior, as well as their propensity for distributing fake news to the American people.

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