Scaramucci Just PERFECTLY Defended Trump from Liberal Claims He’s “Racist”

In a shameful and disgustingly biased display of partisan fakery, the mainstream media is feigning offense at another private comment allegedly made by President Trump.

The media, whose desperate attempts to portray the president as “racist” have become almost comical at this point, seem to lack the awareness to realize that the rest of the country doesn’t buy it.

Never mind the fact that the media ignored private comments by Obama, Bush, Clinton, and other leaders, it’s their faux-concern that is truly offensive.

Former White House Communications Directory Anthony Scaramucci defended President Trump in a statement on Friday, saying, “President Trump is not a racist, he is far from it.”

“Apparently, he [Trump] and I are the only ones who use a few curse words here and there,” said Scaramucci, adding, “Certainly, journalists don’t talk that way. Who knew we lived in such a puritanical society!?”

“The Mooch” is absolutely spot-on, and as the mainstream media has proven to “hero worship” foul mouthed rappers, actors, politicians, and others (so long as they’re liberals,) their hypocrisy is showing as they attack President Trump for far less.


  1. John Galt