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Sara Carter Reveals the KEY EVIDENCE to Exposing Obama’s ‘Spygate’

Investigative journalist Sara Carter has uncovered the key piece of evidence that’s still yet to be provided, which could blow the investigation into the Obama’s FBI spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign WIDE OPEN.

Carter believes that the FISA warrants, which have yet to be unconcealed, will reveal the full scope of Obama’s “Spygate.”

From Sara Carter

President Trump is meeting Monday with Senior FBI, DOJ and DNI officials at the White House to discuss classified documentation requested by the House Intelligence Committee and whether or not members of the Obama administration authorized the use of a long-time informant of the CIA and FBI to investigate members of his 2016 campaign. The meeting came on the heels of the President’s demand Sunday for the Justice Department to investigate the FBI’s operation, known as Crossfire Hurricane, which included surveillance of members of the Trump campaign.

And this meeting is crucial because it will be a major opportunity for the President to order the Justice Department and FBI to turn over classified information requested by the House Intelligence Committee that may finally lead to the answers related to the scope of the FBI’s surveillance on the Trump campaign. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will be at the White House to discuss the classified nature of the request by the committee and they will argue against the disclosure of the documents.

Rosenstein agreed four hours after Trump’s demand on Sunday to comply and designated DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to conduct an investigation into the matter and whether informants were used in the campaign. But that may not be enough.

Horowitz’s investigation into the FISA application coincides with ongoing investigations by the House Intelligence Committee, led by Chairman Devin Nunes, which is also looking at the circumstances surrounding the warrants used on Carter Page.

And spying on Page, didn’t mean just investigating Page. It meant that anyone communicating to Page was also gathered up in the dragnet and possibly anyone those people were communicating with.

There were four FISA warrants issued on Page, the first warrant was granted on October 21, 2016. The other warrants were renewed every 90 days, meaning the last FISA warrant, which was signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, lasted until the end of September 2017, almost seven months into Trump’s presidency. Each time an application is submitted to extend a FISA warrant, law enforcement must produce a separate finding of probable cause including additional information collected from the prior warrant that would support the continuation of the surveillance.

So what was the additional evidence presented to the secret court every time the additional FISA warrant was renewed when Page was no longer a part of Trump’s circle?