Sanders Spokeswoman Pushes INSANE Florida Shooting-Trump Conspiracy

CNN and other fake news outlets continue to push failed identity politics, using “race” and race-baiting as an excuse for every single story.

Sadly, Democrats are cashing in on the Florida school shooting, and now, Bernie Sanders’ former spokeswoman wasted no time turning this tragedy into a “race issue,” by going on CNN and saying that if the shooter was “black or brown” Trump would have “swooped in.”

From Breitbart

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ spokeswoman Symone Sanders said if the Florida school shooter “had been black or brown,” Congress and President Donald Trump would have acted.

Partial transcript as follows:

SANDERS: If the Parkland shooter had been black or brown we wouldn’t be talking about the times of legislation we could or could not make happen. If he was yelling Allahu Akbar, Congress and the president would’ve been tweeting about it and they would’ve swooped in and did whatever they felt needed…

KRISTOL: That’s not true. They didn’t change the gun laws after Islamic violence…did they change the gun laws after San Bernardino ?

SANDERS: We have a Muslim ban dammit! There is a whole Muslim ban.

KRISTOL:  You don’t have to demagogue this. You don’t have to make it about race. 


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