Russia is Considering Designating CNN as a ‘Foreign Agent’

Russia’s decision to designate CNN a “foreign agent” would significantly change how they’re able to broadcast in the country.

Russia contends that CNN is a propaganda wing, putting out fake news.

Well, we can’t argue with that.

From Western Journalism

An outgrowth of Capitol Hill’s investigations into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election could mean that CNN will be banned in Russia as early as this week.

The Russian news organization RT, which gets its funding from the Russian government, is being required to register as a foreign agent. That’s the equivalent of saying that it works for the government of Russia.

In response, Russia may require CNN to also register as a foreign agent if it wants to continue to broadcast in the country. That would vastly impact CNN’s ability to report the news and be visible in Russia.

“I think that our patience that is nearly run out will take some legal shape. I don’t rule out it will be done next week,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in a TV interview last week, according to the Russian news service TASS.

RT has said it will register, but under protest.

The news organization claims that the U.S. is discriminating against it and that although Russia’s government funds RT, it does not dictate coverage.

“The war the U.S. establishment wages with our journalists is dedicated to all the starry-eyed idealists who still believe in freedom of speech,” said Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor in chief. “Those who invented it, have buried it.”


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