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Rush: Not a Single Dem Can Take Credit For the Booming U.S. Economy

After one year in the White House, President Trump’s economic policies and “America First” agenda have turned the country’s economy around, and it’s steadily improving.

The stock market is seeing repeated record numbers, millions of new jobs are being created, businesses are thriving, and the American workers are taking home more money -all thanks to President Trump and his administration’s hard work.

In contrast, the Democrats have spent the entirety of Trump’s first year as Commander in Chief engaged in a relentless and aggressive campaign to “resist” and obstruct him at every chance, and it’s showing.

The American people are becoming increasingly aware that the Democratic Party has no message, and aside from their determination to undermine, impeach, and oust President Trump, they have no goal.

Rush Limbaugh joined Fox News for an interview on Sunday, where slammed the left, stating “There’s not a single Democrat that can claim any credit for this massively booming United States economy.”