Rosie O’Donnell Has EPIC Meltdown on Twitter ‘SUCK MY D*CK!’

Rosie O’Donnell is having a really bad day on social media.

First, she tries to bribe U.S. Senators with $2 million in cash if they voted “no” on the victorious Trump tax bill, and after being called out for her criminal behavior, the unhinged former “comedian” lashed out at conservative Ben Shapiro, telling him to “suck her d*ck.”

From Daily Caller

Ah, political discourse on the internet in an era of Trump.

With the imminent passage of the Republcan tax bill on the horizon Wednesday, resistor Rosie O’Donnell began to melt down. First, Rosie openly offered to bribe two GOP senators to not vote for the tax bill. She offered the senators $2,000,000 for their vote. It was sad.


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