REPORT: Trump About to ELIMINATE D.C. Swamp in ‘DRASTIC’ Way

President Trump is about to yank the plug on the D.C. Swamp in a big way.

A new report out says Trump is going to make “DRASTIC” changes to the federal government by slashing useless government jobs and combing agencies.

This move will get rid of tons of bureaucratic nonsense, deadbeat employees, and save American taxpayers millions.

From Sean Hannity

The Trump administration is poised to release a drastic proposal that seeks to dramatically reduce the size of the federal government; consolidating agencies and combining “social safety net” programs to help streamline efficiency and save money.

According to Politico, the “sweeping plan” will be released within weeks and sets to move social programs -such as food stamps and social security- into the Department for Health and Human Services.

“The plan would also propose changing the name of the sprawling department, while separately seeking cuts at the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department,” writes Politico.

Trump officials believe the current system, spread out across multiple agencies, is a breeding ground for fraud and misuse. They cite the $70 billion food stamp program, currently ran by the Agriculture Department.

“You have low-income assistance in a bunch of different shops without one point of oversight and without a whole lot of communication,” said an administration insider. “Why not have one federal agency responsible for execution?”

Read the full story at Politico.


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