Puerto Rico’s Governor Vows to Destroy GOP Over ‘Unfair’ Tax Bill

The Governor of Puerto Rico has waged WAR against the GOP, after the passing of President Trump’s historic tax reform that is already proving to be a massive success, and it hasn’t even been signed into law yet.

The Governor is claiming the new tax bill will “destroy” Puerto Rico’s economy, and he is vowing to mobalize Latino voters to “destroy” the GOP in 2018 races.

From The Hill

Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello said Thursday that he will seek to mobilize Latino voters ahead of the 2018 midterms, and accused the Republican tax plan of harming Puerto Rico’s economy.

Speaking on MSNBC, Rossello was asked by anchor Katy Tur which lawmakers Rossello planned to target in 2018.

“Well, we’re going to be working on that,” Rossello responded. “Right now, we’re going to do an evaluation of all the congressmen and congresswomen that have pledged support towards the people of Puerto Rico, and in the time to take action they have reneged on that word.”

“So there is still time to work, we want to do this of course in a non-political fashion, but we have to recognize that our voice, you know, we are second class citizens,” he continued. “We don’t have representation. But we do have 5.3 million Puerto Ricans in the United States and we want to organize.”


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