Pro-Trump Czech President Wins Re-Election!

Over the past several years, we’ve watched in horror as Europe is plagued by an influx of unvetted Islamic refugees, who’ve brought crime, poverty, and terrorism in record numbers.

As the globalist elite demanded more “open borders” policies from Western nations, including the United States, the American people refused, and since the election, President Trump has been fighting hard to end the disastrous and dangerous immigration policies that have gotten people killed.

Now, President Trump’s strong, “America First” style of leadership is being recognized by other countries for its effectiveness, and many Europeans are demanding the same from their government.

Recently, one pro-Trump Czech presidential candidate, who has repeatedly campaigned against the “organized invasion” of unvetted Islamic migrants, has won re-election.

Yet again, this should show the globalist elite that, despite the propaganda their sycophants in the mainstream media desperately push out, people all over the world are demanding better, and once again, America is leading the way.

Due to President Trump’s strength and determination, as well as his refusal to play “politically correct” games with the media and establishment elites, things are getting done, and already, Americans are feeling safer.

As the president and his administration work towards overhauling the broken immigration system in the United States, other countries are taking notice, and are beginning to do the same, something that bodes well for the survival of Europe.

From FoxNews

Europe’s populist movement was given a shot in the arm on Saturday when Czech Republic President Milos Zeman, running primarily on an anti-migration platform, fended off a challenge from political neophyte Jiri Drahos.

Zeman won 51.4 percent of the vote from the two-day runoff while Drahos won 48.6 percent.

Czech Radio reports that Drahos won in most of the main cities, while Zeman scored big with smaller towns and the countryside, with analysts saying Zeman’s “common touch” made the difference.

Zeman, a former left-wing prime minister who ascended to the presidency in 2013, had been widely criticized for what critics described as Islamophobic rhetoric, and had also raised concerns in Western Europe by taking a distinctly pro-Russian approach on questions such as the annexation of Crimea.

Zeman, who has warned of an “organized invasion” of migrants and asked why young men fleeing their country didn’t take up arms and fight back home, had embraced the populist wave that swept through the West in 2016.

He was one of very few European leader to endorse President Donald Trump’s bid for the White House and by calling for a referendum on the Republic’s membership of the European Union, has taken a page from the British “Brexit” vote.

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