Pro-America Football League Set to Launch, Sink NFL Further!

For the past couple of years, the NFL has transformed from a symbol of American strength and spirit, to a bunch of whiny, entitled, and overpaid athletes, whose aspirations focus more on social activism rather than football.

As athletes embraced the anti-cop, anti-American rhetoric being espoused by the likes of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL leadership encouraged the behavior, allowing their employees to insult Americans by  disrespecting our flag and national anthem before each game.

Naturally, this behavior alienated much of the NFL’s loyal fan base, who tuned out completely, and stopped attending games and buying merchandise.

Now, as the NFL continues to crumble under poor leadership, billionaire and business mogul Vince McMahon (who’s also the head of the WWE and a friend of President Trump) has announced the return of the XFL.

Many conservatives were quick to point out that the NFL essentially “shot themselves in the foot” by angering their fans with anti-American sentiment and disrespect for our police officers, military personnel, flag, and national anthem.

According to McMahon, the XFL will leave politics out of the game, focusing solely on football.

As McMahon stated, he will focus on “listening closely to what the fans want,” and added that players would be required to stand for the national anthem.

Although many football fans had given up on professional games, now, under President Trump’s “America First,” pro-business agenda, American business owners like Vince McMahon are feeling enthusiastic about starting new things, and what could be better than driving the final nail in to the NFL’s coffin?


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