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President Trump Honors Rosa Parks on 62nd Anniversary of Her Heroic Stand

Over the weekend, President Trump paid homage to one of the most important and heroic figures in modern American history, Rosa Parks, on the 62nd anniversary of her brave stand.

In 1955, Rosa Parks, a seamstress from Alabama, refused to give up her seat on a city bus, which at the time, was part of the rules of segregation.

At the time, Rosa Parks’ single, individual stand on that bus began a ripple effect, which inspired civil rights movements, and helped all Americans, regardless of race, have the opportunity to live as equals.

“Rosa Parks remained strong and stayed in her seat to defend the truth etched into our Declaration of Independence, that all of us, regardless of the color of our skin, are created equal by God,” said President Trump.

“She was not going to give up her seat because of the color of her skin,” the president said, describing the influence and inspiration her brave act had on so many other Americans, like Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

In fact, one of Dr. King’s own family members, niece Dr. Alveda King, is a very outspoken supporter of President Trump.

Dr. Alveda King, who is a prominent pro-life advocate, has described President Trump as “leading the charge for civil rights today, for the lives of the unborn,” and has called the president “compassionate” and “brilliant.”

As the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King is also well versed in civil rights matters herself, and has loudly defended President Trump against the false allegations of racism coming from the left, saying, “He has surrounded himself with African-American leaders.”