PHOTO: 3 Maine Roofers’s Epic Reaction to the National Anthem is VIRAL!

While spoiled and low information NFLers are still reacting to the national anthem by pulling attention seeking stunts, what these 3 roofers did when they heard the national anthem is VIRAL.

The 3 men from Maine stood up and put their hand over their heart, paying our countries heroes the respect they deserve!

Sad that 3 working class roofers love our country and have patriotism, while millionaire NFL players just want to complain.

These three men were doing roof work next to Waterville High School this Saturday when they heard the national anthem and paused. http://bit.ly/2wZahSk

Shanon Gurski Dixon says, “They had no idea anyone even noticed but our community did. Several people had taken pictures of this patriotic act of kindness. We started sharing it on FB and Twitter to find out who these men were so we could thank them. We have all 3 names and the name of the company the work for. It turns out they were doing independent work that day, but they are roofers by trade and all work together for a company out of Oakland Maine. Our little city would love to have them recognized!”


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