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WATCH: Pence Moved to Tears in Emotional 9/11 Speech

Vice President Mike Pence is a very strong man, so to see him moved to tears by something means it’s definitely very powerful, and that’s just the case with what happened earlier today.

When remembering the tragic and horrendous events of 9/11/01, Mike Pence got emotional, specifically about Flight 93, and for good reason: they may have saved his life.

Back in 2001, Mike Pence was a member of the House of Representatives, and was scheduled to be at the U.S. Capitol Building that day, which was the target of Flight 93.

However, when passengers onboard that doomed flight learned that other planes were being used as missiles to destroy American buildings, they decided to do something extremely heroic and brave.

Flight 93’s passengers fought back agains the Islamic hijackers, killing some of them, and forcing the hijacker who piloted the plane to crash it into a field.

Their amazing act of bravery and selfless sacrifice saved countless others, but at a high price, as all on board Flight 93 were killed on impact.

The courage of the passengers on Flight 93 is a testament to the bravery and brotherhood of every American, and touched the lives of so many, including Vice President Pence.

Speaking in remembrance today, Vice President Pence was moved to tears, stating, “…I will always believe that I and many others in our nation’s capital were able to go home that day to hug our families because of the courage and selflessness of the heroes of Flight 93. So for me it’s personal. And I speak on behalf of a grateful nation.”

Watch the video: