Pelosi Rants Against Tax Reform on Twitter, INSTANTLY Backfires!

As President Trump’s tax overhaul plan comes closer to reality with each day, the Democrats get more and more unhinged.

With their globalist legacy being dismantled completely by our America First President, and the party in tatters, Democrats are feeling frantic and desperate, and their rhetoric shows it.

Nancy Pelosi, who is largely seen as the de facto “leader” of the shambolic Democratic Party, took to Twitter, and in a semi-coherent and clearly unhinged rant, denounced the GOP’s new tax plan, which she called a “scam.”

Pelosi said that the tax reform would “install a permanent plutocracy in America,” and accused Republicans of “robbing children.”

Needless to say, Pelosi’s rambling diatribe was not well received by Trump supporters and patriotic Americans, who responded quickly.

Nancy Pelosi has a lot of nerve daring to claim that she represents the middle class, considering she’s grown wealthy during a career in politics, and is completely out of touch with the average, working class American citizen.

Pelosi and other Democrats’ flat-out refusal to work with President Trump and his administration is a clear and present demonstration that they are not interested in the will of the American people, and refuse to do the job we elected them to do.



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