Pelosi Just Threw the Most DESPERATE HAIL MARY

It appears as though the Democrats are finally paying attention to the polls, and what the American people have been saying for some time.

In poll after poll, Americans have stated they do not want to impeach President Trump.

They want Democrats to stop obstructing, and work with the GOP on behalf of the American people.

However, Democrat candidates are stumping on the promise of impeaching the president.

Now, Nancy Peolosi is  desperately trying to save Dems’ midterm chances, by stating midterms are not about impeaching Trump.

From Breitbart

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Democrats cannot make the 2018 midterm elections about impeaching President Trump.

“This election cannot be about impeachment. I don’t think it’s in the interest of America’s working families to focus on that, unless we have more to go on, which we don’t at this time,” Pelosi told Rolling Stone in an interview published Sunday. “I think it’s not unifying for the country.”

The California representative recalled the unsuccessful calls for impeachment against former President George W. Bush when she was elected speaker of the House under his presidency.

“But when I was elected Speaker, people wanted me to impeach Bush,” Pelosi said, adding she agreed with people protesting in the streets that the Iraq War was sinful. “But nonetheless he got re-elected.”

Democratic lawmakers have often called for the impeachment of Trump, almost immediately after he was sworn into office. However, Pelosi is backing off of the call leading up to the midterm elections, claiming there needs to be more evidence from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The leader has also said that impeachment efforts is a gift to Republicans.

“We don’t really know what Mueller has. We have a responsibility, if we have information, to act upon it. But we don’t know what Mueller has,” Pelosi said.


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