PATHETIC STUNT – CNN’s Acosta Tries to Use Hurricanes to Push ‘Climate Change’

As we all know by now, the fake news media has a longstanding grudge against President Trump and his administration, taking delight in sparring with White House spokespeople at every opportunity.

CNN’s Jim Acosta may well be the worst of the bunch, as Acosta truly seems to envision himself as an actor on a stage during White House press conferences.

Acosta has made a public spectacle out of himself by whining, crying, and throwing multiple temper tantrums over his alleged “mistreatment” by the White House.

The thing is, the way in which Jim Acosta conducts himself during these press conferences is embarrassing and absolutely unprofessional, and it has even earned him the ire of his coworkers at CNN.

Recently, Acosta decided to play the fool yet again, this time, at an extremely inappropriate time: during Hurricane Irma.

Acosta insisted on injecting politics into the discussion on the hurricane, and sarcastically asked if “climate change” had anything to do with it, clearly mocking the Trump administration.

“When you see three Category 4 hurricanes all on the same map at the same time, does a thought occur to you, maybe there is something to this climate change thing and its connection to powerful hurricanes? Or do you just separate the two and say, ‘Boy, there’s a lot of big hurricanes coming our way?’”

This is just another example of the hateful sarcasm that Acosta has become known for, and at this point, it’s more as if he’s campaigning for his own show (which others at CNN wonder) than trying to do any real journalism.

If CNN and Jim Acosta want to know why the White House is “less than thrilled” to deal with them, maybe they should examine their combative and antagonistic behavior?


  1. Jerry Chhezum
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