PATHETIC! NFL Player Declares He’ll Quit If He’s Forced to Stand for the Anthem

Looks like Kaepernick is going to have some company on the unemployment line…

Tennessee Titans player Rishard Matthews tweeted out that he’ll quit if the NFL implements a rule forcing players to stand for the anthem.

Matthews has since deleted the tweet.

What a pathetic toddler!

From The Daily Caller

“No I will be done playing football,” Matthews tweeted and ultimately deleted when asked if he would be willing to face punishment for not standing if a new rule is implemented.

This is a very dumb tweet, for multiple reasons. Matthews is forcing himself into a corner. What will he do if a new rule is passed, and the Titans call his bluff? He’s going to be out of a job that pays millions simply because he won’t stand for the anthem.

That’s not smart business. This wouldn’t be a problem if he had simply tweeted that he’d be very upset, but instead he took it all the way. Should be really interesting to if he ends up following through on his threat or not.


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