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Passing Tax Reform Will Not Be Easy, But Some are Feeling More Optimistic

Senate Republicans are becoming more optimistic about new tax reform legislation, and after meeting with President Trump about it, are poised to act as early as this week.

President Trump’s tax reform plan has been widely praised by the American people, and lawmakers are feeling the pressure to make sure it passes.

As the Senate prepares to vote on the tax bill, the rest of the country is watching, especially after the Republican lawmakers’ failure to repeal ObamaCare earlier in the year.

During a closed-door meeting with Republicans, President Trump and Vice President Pence made sure to get everyone united before the important vote, with Senator Pat Toomey saying,”There is growing momentum for this, I’m confident that we’re going to get it done soon.”

President Trump took to Twitter to get the rest of the country talking about his tax reform plan, calling it the “biggest tax reduction in the history of our country.”

One of the president’s goal with his tax overhaul is to bring, as he estimates, approximately $4 trillion dollars back into the United States economy.

In just under a year, the numbers aren’t lying, and President Trump’s job performance so far has proven to be a success, and has jobs being created, the economy booming, and the Stock Market seeing unprecedented highs.

Already, President Trump’s economic policies have Americans breathing easier and spending more, a stark contrast from Barack Obama’s stifling and stagnant economy.

With his tax plan, the president is in a position to bring even more relief to American families, who are fed up with watching career politicians and fat-cat elites squander our hard-earned tax dollars on themselves.