Over 5,000 Sign Petition to Remove Shani Davis from Olympic Team

Over 5,000 have now signed the petition to remove Shani Davis from the Olympic team for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In a recent interview, Shani Davis did not apologize and instead appears to still be bitter over losing a coin toss to carry the U.S. flag at the opening ceremony.

If you have not yet signed the petition, you can do so here. 

Here are just some of the many comments petition signers left who made their voices heard.

Karen W.
Shani Davis is playing the race card, entitlement does not count during the Olympics. Throw him off the team, he is not a team player and his antics are unsportsmanlike conduct!

Gordy S.
We must unite and stand together

Caroline J.
You show dishonor to a fair coin toss and because you didn’t win you totally Disrespect the opening of the games .Shame on you

Dale V.
Because this racist crap is bullsh%$

Gingi B.
Olympic athletes have a reasponsiblity to the children who look up to them.

Brian Y.
As a former US soldier and currently a Firefighter, I am absolutely disgusted to hear that anyone fortunate enough to get to represent the US in the olympics would behave in such a way. Unacceptable!

Sharon M.,Peoria, IL
He is an embarrassment plain and simple😡

Joe C.
1He is disrespectful to our nation and to the Olympics

Lisa D.
Politics and His behavior is unacceptable.

Marilyn V.,Casper, WY
2If something isn’t done, we will be condoning his behavior.

Joel F.
This since of entitlement is disrespectful to the Nation he is supposed to represent. Does he think he is there in this honorable event for himself? He wants to act like a child, send him home.

Susan R.
We are united not divided!

Smitty S.
Disgraceful, sorry a coin toss is a 50-50 chqnce. how in the hell is that racist???

Janice L.
Representing our Country poorly. Poor sportsmanship.

Shirley S.,Portland, TN
Respect our country

Jason G.
Self entitled people need to step back and see reality.

Melody G.
Fed up with these self entitled assholes

Kathleen K.
Americans who represent our country should be respectful and patriotic,.. not whiny, racist, entitlement -minded spoiled brats. #GOHOME
P S.
Poor sportsmanship should not be allowed!!!


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