Outrage as Anti-Gun Protesters’ Threaten Death to Barron Trump

Although the planned theme of the recent “March For Our Lives” protests was gun control, the demonstrations quickly morphed into anti-Trump protests.

The event, which was sponsored by left-wing backers such as George Soros, was criticized for the usual cadre of radical left-wing posters and fliers, full of misinformation and violent rhetoric.

One poster, which immediately drew attention for its highly disturbing message, featured an outline of a child with a “crosshairs” on it, and said “Send Barron [Trump] to Parkland,” a reference to the recent school shooting which prompted the protests.

Needless to say, this poster did not go over well with Trump supporters, who took to social media to share their disgust.

Many social media users pointed out that such hateful rhetoric would have never been tolerated, had it been said about former President Barack Obama’s daughters.


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