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OOPS! Everyone is LAUGHING at This Smug Hillary Tweet From a Year Ago!

Lately, things have not been going so well for Hillary Clinton, who has found herself dragged into the Uranium One scandal, and a host of other shady, corrupt Democrat chicanery during Obama’s presidency.

In light of that, one especially arrogant tweet from Mrs. Clinton, which was issued one year ago tomorrow, has REALLY not aged well.

Yes, in case anyone forgot, Hillary Clinton was so sure of her victory in the 2016 election that she tweeted a happy birthday wish to “this future president,” which included a picture of her as a young girl.

The sheer hubris involved in that one tweet is staggering, and really makes knowing that she lost in such an epic fashion to President Trump even more enjoyable!

Twitter has certainly not forgotten Clinton’s tweet, and were sure to remind her of it on the eve of its one-year anniversary.

After such a humiliation, it’s a wonder that Hillary hasn’t disappeared completely from the pubic eye, and many are hoping that she may soon be facing justice for her brazen disregard of the law while serving under Barack Obama.

One thing is for sure, Clinton’s tweet may just be the best example of a tweet that “didn’t age well” in the history of social media!