One of Kavanaugh’s First Potential SCOTUS Case Could Completely DEMOLISH Planned Parenthood

There is a reason why the left is fighting so hard to try and stop the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the SCOTUS.

They can’t stop it, but their hysteria and rabid attempts, are because one of his first cases, could be the death of abortion mill planned parenthood.

From Daily Wire

The chipping away at Roe v. Wade will come in many forms. One hopeful prospect is states having the inalienable right to defund abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood of taxpayer dollars without judicial interference. Such a case may come before the Supreme Court in just a few months time.

With the potential nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the highest bench in the land, an arguably more conservative justice than his predecessor Anthony Kennedy, pro-lifers have a reinvigorated hope that abortion will no longer be a court-sanctioned constitutional right, or, at the very least, hope that they will be able to pass laws severely restricting it without an activist judge stepping in the way.

According to LifeNews, one of the first battles in this quest will be the Supreme Court allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood, as in the case of a Kansas law the lower courts rendered unconstitutional.

“Back in 2016, Kansas began withholding state tax dollars from Planned Parenthood in the wake of reports that the organization had been trafficking in human baby body parts,” reports the outlet. “In February of this year, the 10th Circuit ruled the State’s actions unconstitutional. In March, the State of Kansas filed a petition with the US Supreme Court to overturn this terrible ruling”

Should the Kavanaugh court agree to take the case, pro-lifers may finally have the opportunity to defund the abortion giant without fear of a lawsuit stripping that away. Such has been the status quo recently: Planned Parenthood sues and a federal judge appointed by Obama or Clinton sides with them.

“Rulings on the issue have resulted in divided decisions in multiple circuits around the nation, including an 8th Circuit ruling 2-1 against Planned Parenthood, so we are hopeful that the Supreme Court will take the case,” LifeNews concludes.

As stated by Ben Shapiro, the Kavanaugh court will most likely reject hearing full-throated anti-Roe cases and will instead significantly chip away at the barbaric practice by way of the “undue burden” standard demonstrated in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992).

Obviously, not the best outcome or the most pro-life, but far better than the status quo. As certain pro-life publications have stated, the overturning of Roe is just the beginning in the fight to save America’s soul.


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