Obama Goes Off on a TIRADE, Calls Trump and His Supporters Something Even Worse Than ‘Deplorable’

If you thought you had seen the last of Obama and his cringe-worthy speeches, you were sadly mistaken…

Obama took to the political stage again last night at a rally in Ohio where he ridiculed President Trump and conservatives, calling them “radical.”

This coming from a man who’s representing a party that’s calling for the abolishment of ICE, open borders and Socialism.

But we’re the “radical” ones?

From The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama accused President Donald Trump, the current administration, and Republicans in Congress of being radical — not conservative — during a rally in Ohio on Thursday night.

WATCH (13:15):

“What happened to all this concern about deficits? You weren’t concerned when you gave me a tax cut I didn’t need or ask for,” Obama stated. “Look none of this is conservative. This is not normal what we’re seeing, it is radical. It’s a vision that says that it’s more important for those who are currently in power to protect that power even if it hurts the country.”

He continued, “Frankly, instead of being a check or a balance on this kind of behavior, what you’re seeing is Republicans in Congress, who are bending over backward trying to shield and deflect oversight of this behavior from scrutiny and accountability and consequences.”

Obama was in Ohio campaigning on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray and his running mate Betty Sutton. Cordray was an early supporter of the former president years ago.


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