Nunes Speaks Out on Schiff’s Dirty Counter-Memo Scheme

On Sunday, Rep. Devin Nunes, who spearheaded the House Intelligence Committee’s memo on FISA abuse, appeared on Fox News to discuss the Democrats’ response, and why he believes it’s nothing more than political games.

Nunes said that the Democrats intentionally filled the memo with classified information and sensitive material, which they knew would not be able to be released, thus allowing them to accuse President Trump and his administration of “non-transparency.”

With the proper redactions, Nunes said that he hopes to see the release of the Democrats’ memo, which he said doesn’t negate the point of his own recently-released memo.

Nunes said that the Democrat memo is largely “all about politics,” which he believes is in effort to portray the Trump administration as dishonest or “hiding something.”

Watch the video:


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