New Text Messages Show Strzok Had Disdain for Virginians, Called them “Hillbillies”

Over the past several months, information has surfaced from within the deepest regions of the federal government, which has painted a disturbing picture of a shadowy network of “connected” elites.

These would-be tyrants fancy themselves superior to the rest of us, whom they view as little more than peasants, and desperately tried to prevent the election of President Donald Trump, the “outsider” candidate who posed a threat to the establishment.

In fact, the establishment elites were so confident that their scheme to thwart Trump’s election would work, they didn’t even bother covering their tracks, and now, they’re paying for it.

The fact that these elitists had the audacity and hubris to attempt to control the outcome of a U.S. Presidential election is an insult to every American citizen, and an affront to every single American soldier who served to protect the sanctity of our votes.

Obviously the elitists involved in this treachery truly believe themselves to be superior to the majority of the country.

This is made abundantly clear in text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, both of whom served on Robert Mueller’s investigation team against President Trump.

The two adulterous, anti-Trump shills frequently made disparaging remarks about the American people, whom they referred to as “ignorant hillbillies,” with Strzok claiming that he could “Almost smell the ‘Trump support'” from customers inside a Walmart in southern Virginia.

Clearly, the actions of Strzok, his mistress, and their circle of “Deep State” establishment elitists prove that they believe themselves to be better than us, and it isn’t surprising to see the way they talk about the average American in private.

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