New Report: It’s Very Expensive to Operate a Russian Witch-Hunt Against Trump

You won’t be too happy to discover that your tax dollars are being squandered away on a (debunked) Russian witch-hunt.

The numbers are out, and it’s not cheap to operate a “smear job” on our America First President.

From Breitbart

According to reports, taxpayers have already shelled out over $5 Million for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian Collusion and the number is rising.

Breitbart Reported: The expenses, since the special counsel was appointed in May, include money for a staff of more than 16 attorneys, dozens of FBI agents, support staff, travel,and office supplies, according to ABC News’s Pierre Thomas.

A detailed breakdown of the costs is expected to be released by the Justice Department in coming days.

That does not include taxpayer costs incurred by congressional committee investigations by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate intelligence committee, and the House intelligence committee.

So far, there have been indictments against three Trump campaign officials and one Trump transition official, and none of the charges have to do with collusion or conspiracy to collude.


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