New Poll Overwhelmingly Supports FIRING Robert Mueller

The new Drudge poll shows overwhelmingly that people want to see Robert Mueller get the proverbial boot.

At the current rate of the poll, over 367,000 people want to see Mueller fired, while a measly 112,000 or so want him to stay on.

You can see current poll results here.

From Town Hall

The Drudge Report, the prolific news aggregation website ran by Matt Drudge, has a new poll that shows its audience favors firing special counsel Robert Mueller, and the results are not even close.

Currently, 266,943 voters support firing Robert Mueller where as 77,000 voters are against his firing. While the poll cannot be counted as a scientific poll of the general public, it is helpful in gauging where President Donald Trump’s base and many conservatives stand on the issue.

Drudge’s polling in the past was an early indicator of who the GOP Presidential nominee was going to be. For example after a September 2015 GOP primary poll, his audience supported Trump with 61% saying that he won the debate.


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