NEW POLL: Melania’s Popularity SOARS to New Heights!

With the end of President Trump and the First Family’s first year in the White House close at hand, the country loves our First Lady.

A stark contrast from the previous FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, whose bleak and often anti-American views and comments stirred division and racial tension, Melania has brought an air of genuine love for our country and our culture to the White House.

Now, Melania’s popularity is rising, and has been steadily doing so since the inauguration of President Trump, having jumped up 17 points recently.

Melania, who has always made her pride in being an American known, has emerged to become a caring and compassionate First Lady, and handles every situation with elegance, grace, and class.

First Lady Melania Trump is quickly gaining a reputation for her quickness to jump into action, helping during natural disasters, like Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and has a passion for helping children.

After watching our First Lady in action for a year, the American people have come to love her for the truly  benevolent, kind-hearted person she is.

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