New Hezbollah Investigation May DECIMATE Obama’s Remaining Legacy

Anyone who’s looked into Barack Obama’s shady dealings with Iran, and what has become known as “The Iran Deal,” is aware that the entire operation was a mess, and now, more evidence is surfacing that threatens to further tarnish Obama’s precious “legacy” forever.

New reports indicate that Obama and his administration gave a “free pass” to Hezbollah operatives, targeted in a DEA sting for drug dealing and money laundering, in order to ensure smooth sailing for his deal with Iran.

Agents reported that their requests to arrest and prosecute individuals tied to Hezbollah were hindered and held up, and now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the case.

AG Sessions ordered an investigation and a review of the events on Friday, and in a statement from the Justice Department, said the plan was “to evaluate allegations that certain matters were not properly prosecuted, and to ensure all matters are appropriately handled.”

With Democrats seemingly united in their quest to obstruct, undermine, and eventually impeach President Trump, it’s past time for Republicans to send a message, and an investigation that could reflect poorly on the left’s “Lord and Savior,” Barack Obama, would do just the trick.

After watching Democrat politicians like the Clintons and Barack Obama, as well as their sycophants like James Comey, get away with brazenly illegal acts time after time, the American people are fed up.

As the Democrats continue their attempts to oust our “America First” President Trump, it’s past time for Attorney General Sessions to begin bringing the heat against them, and he should start by investigating the MANY crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


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