Watch Nancy Pelosi DEMAND the Audience Clap for Her “Those are APPLAUSE Lines!”

When you literally have to DEMAND that your audience clap for you, it’s time to hang it up, Nancy.

From AmericanMirror

Nancy Pelosi spoke for less than 8 minutes to the LBJ Foundation on Wednesday, but some attendees may have left the event wondering what is wrong with the House Minority Leader.

She was seen repeating words, having trouble speaking and botched “Lyndon Baines Johnson” — twice.

Early in her remarks, she told the audience to applaud for her.

“I want to acknowledge Larry Temple, the chairman of the LBJ Foundation board of trustees. Of course Ambassador Hand and Cappy McGarr for their wonderful leadership. Let’s— those are applause lines,” Pelosi instructed the crowd, triggering clapping among attendees.

Pelosi chuckled into the microphone.


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