MSNBC’S Joy Reid ‘Rural Americans Are a Threat to Democracy’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid declared Americans who live in rural areas are a THREAT to our nation’s democracy.

Joy Reid is yet another smug, clueless cosmopolitan progressive, pushing a failed agenda of globalism, and MSNBC is proud to promote her.

From Washington Free Beacon

MSNBC host Joy Reid on Saturday said rural Americans pose a “core threat to our democracy” because 70 percent of the population is expected to live in the 15 largest states in 2040.

Her comment came in response to a column in the Wall Street Journal in which author Gerald Seib discussed American government and various global threats confronting democracy. Seib used projected population change to argue that many urban Americans will be underrepresented in the Senate in the coming decades.

“Because of the way the Electoral College works, two of the past three presidents first won office while losing the popular vote. And David Birdsell, dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College, notes that by 2040, about 70% of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states. They will have only 30 senators representing them, while the remaining 30% of Americans will have 70 senators representing them,” Seib wrote.

Reid quoted MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin’s tweet, which cited the figures from the Wall Street Journal, and said the rural minority’s level of representation constitutes are a “core threat to our democracy.” She said rural Americans will continue to “have disproportionate power over the urban majority.”


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