Morning Joe Makes Humiliating Blunder While Attacking Nikki Haley

Joe Scarborough made the humiliating blunder of acting like a complete hypocrite while attacking Nikki Haley and the U.S. stance on Jerusalem and subsequent quarrel with the United Nations.

Scarborough thought we had all forgot that as a congressman he supported completely pulling out of the U.N.

Yet now here he is on MSNBC, as a mouthpiece for the butt-hurt global establishment.

From ConservativeTribune

The mainstream media has been failing at quite a lot lately, but MSNBC just showed that they’re still great at one thing: Hypocrisy.

On Friday, Joe Scarborough  — the often sanctimonious host of the left-leaning “Morning Joe” — bashed the Trump administration for its response to the United Nations this week.

Both President Donald Trump and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned the U.N. that the United States might reconsider how much money it sends to other countries after the U.N.’s General Assembly criticized the U.S. for moving its own embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Scarborough held nothing back in his rant against the administration for “threatening” to reduce international funding, and even called Haley “an embarrassment.” Shockingly, he ignored the fact that he himself had once proposed completely pulling out of the United Nations.

Yes, you read that right: When Scarborough was a congressman back in 1995, he sponsored the “United Nations Withdrawal Act.”

The bill that the MSNBC host and former congressman introduced in Congress would have stopped all U.S. funding of the United Nations over a four-year period, and literally shut down all American involvement in the UN.

“It terminated all American contributions to U.N. peacekeeping operations after four years, including any fund supporting American personnel involved in peacekeeping missions,” reported Breitbart News.

“Moreover, the bill proposed that the U.S. kick the United Nations out of its current headquarters in New York City.”

To reiterate, Scarborough formally proposed cutting off all American funding to the peacekeeping organization, and telling the UN to take its headquarters somewhere else.

Yet Scarborough and his co-host-turned-fiance Mika Brzezinski had the audacity to attack Haley and Trump for merely hinting that we should take a hard look at how much we spend to fund the exact same organization.

“If you’re an American, you just don’t want your representatives up there threatening the rest of the world,” the tone-deaf MSNBC host lectured on Friday.

“We’re going to need them on Iran. We’re going to need their help on North Korea. We may need their help again in Syria. We’re going to need their help in a thousand places,” he continued.

“And guess what? We’re not going to work together if Nikki Haley is going up there humiliating the United States of America by threatening our allies over a non-binding resolution.”


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