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Mike Huckabee Calls Out D.C. Corruption, ‘It’s Not a Swamp, It’s a Sewer!’

With the end of President Trump’s first year in the White House drawing near, it’s very clear that our “America First” president’s many accomplishments are in spite of the “D.C. Swamp,” who have obstructed him at every turn.

Never before has the “good old boy” network been so blatantly obvious, as the establishment elites operate brazenly in the public eye, a direct slap in the face to the American people.

As crooked, career politicians scramble in a desperate attempt to attack and undermine President Trump, the good ones, like former Governor Mike Huckabee, stand out even more.

In a recent appearance with Fox News, Governor Huckabee slammed the corrupt “in crowd” of Capitol Hill, saying that “the sewer” is a far more accurate term for them!

Watch the video: