Mexico and Canada Both Worried Their Free NAFTA Ride is OVER!

Former President Bill Clinton is most known for his disgusting sexual misconduct in the White House, acts which brought shame and dishonor to our nation, but his involvement with NAFTA may have been even more detrimental to America.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, was just another example of Democrats’ eagerness to “level out the playing field,” and to put America solely in the “middle of the pack” in competition with other countries.

After Clinton mired the United States into the disastrous NAFTA deal in 1993, Mexico and Canada have benefitted, while America has suffered, despite what agenda-(and money)-driven economists may say.

During the campaign, President Trump often spoke of the fact that NAFTA has hurt American workers, particularly the farming community, and has demanded a “better deal” for the United States, and publicly mulled the idea of a possible withdrawal.

Now, as the president enters his second year in office, coming off a highly successful first one that proved he is a man of his word, Canada and Mexico are starting to sweat as their “free ride” off the back of the U.S. worker comes to an end.

President Trump, unlike weak leaders before him, has made no bones about his “America First” agenda, which includes renegotiating or withdrawing from deals that aren’t beneficial to the country, which is the very definition of NAFTA!


  1. John Galt
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