Meryl Streep Attacks Melania Trump, BACKFIRES Spectacularly!

Meryl Streep has been facing tons of scrutiny for ignoring the sexually abusive behavior of both Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein.

During a recent interview with the New York Times on the #MeToo movement, Streep deflected from her own hypocrisy by demanding to know why First Lady Melania is silent on sexual abuse and what her #MeToo story is.

As you can imagine, Streep was quickly ripped to shreds on Twitter for this pathetic attempt at deflection.

From Bizpac Review

“What do you make of the fact, though, that people are waiting for you to speak?” she was asked by Times reporter Cara Buckley.

“I don’t want to hear about the silence of me,” she responded. “I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump. I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.”

Streep implored Melania and Ivanka Trump to speak out more vocally on the “me too” movement, implying that their voices are considered to be more impactful; but this is obviously a backhanded salvo at the White House in lieu of a direct, honest answer. Streep can be read to be implying that Donald Trump is abusive, a common narrative on the left, as displayed by the “Free Melania” meme.

Meryl Streep also responded to a question about her alleged victimhood in Hollywood.

“What have you experienced over the years and how have you dealt with it?” she was asked.

“I have experienced things, mostly when I was young and pretty,” she replied. “Nobody comes on to me [now]. So I wouldn’t have had that more recently. But back in the day, when everybody was doing cocaine, there was a lot of [expletive] behavior that was inexcusable. But now that people are older, and more sober, there has to be forgiveness, and that’s the way I feel about it.”

Twitter, of course, responded to the Streep story with ferocious criticism.



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