Merkel is Using Obama’s Image to BOOST Her Globalist Campaign

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her globalist buddies have posted signs all over Germany, featuring former American President Barack Obama, and an anti-Trump slogan.

“We prefer the former one” is what the signs say.

It’s no secret Merkel doesn’t like President Trump: he’s a nationalist, and is focused on supporting Americans above all foreign interests.

Angeal Merkel is the woman who almost single-handily destroyed Europe by allowing Muslims to invade and destroy European culture.

And now, she is using Obama’s image to BOOST her campaign.

It’s fitting, considering both Obama and Merkel seemed hell-bent on inundating the West with Islamic migrants, thereby erasing the indigenous people and their culture completely.

Forcing “diversity” on us has been the number one goal of the globalist elites, regardless of the risk that is posed to the safety of the general public, something that Obama and Merkel share.


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