Massive Boycott Underway Over Obama-Netflix Partnership

Barack and Michelle Obama just signed a multi-year contract with online-streaming company Netflix and it’s causing a massive backlash and boycott.

The Obamas have signed on to produce and write shows and documentaries for the streaming giant.

It looks like the Obamas want to follow in President Trump’s footsteps and become reality superstars…

However, if the current boycott and backlash is a representation of things to come, this looks like a very bumpy and unpopular road for both the Obamas and Netflix.

From Bizpacreview.com

Michelle and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year contract with online-streaming giant Netflix to produce and write documentaries and shows.

While financial details weren’t disclosed, the bombshell deal begs the question: Will the Obamas be paid in pallets of unmarked bills covertly dropped off in the middle of the night à la Barry’s beloved Iran Nuclear deal?

As BizPac Review has reported, Barack Obama wants to follow in the footsteps of President Trump by becoming a reality-TV star with Netflix, for which the Obamas will produce and appear in shows that will chronicle their lives after the White House.

While Obama does not necessarily plan to use the huge Netflix platform to criticize Trump, he does plan to discuss many of the issues he championed, including climate change, immigration, health care, voting rights, and foreign policy.

So in other words, Obama wants to continue his failed presidency to a third term via streaming video. And it’s no coincidence that this Netflix partnership was clinched just as we’re heading into the critical 2018 midterm elections.

Not surprisingly, the Obama-Netflix partnership fueled mass cancellations and some hilarious reactions on social media.

Justin Washington quipped: “Maybe Netflix arranged for the Iranian mullahs to send back a few pallets of our US taxpayers’ cash that Obama send to them under cover of darkness.”

One woman wondered how the Obamas will be able to crank out their leftist propaganda from jail.

Alexander W. Bruesewitz asked: “I wonder how much of the money Barack and Michelle Obama will be getting from Netflix will be given to the poor African-Americans Obama promised to help as President. My guess is $0.”

Mark A. West tweeted: “So the Obama’s are going to work for Netflix. Good. Maybe they will lose interest in their Deep State dealings and let America recover from their 8 years in office. I cancelled Netflix when Susan Rice got hired.”

Richard Deltenre tweeted that he’s boycotting Netflix, writing, “Just canceled my 15-year-long Netflix subscription! And not just because of this Obama deal, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Another Twitter user admonished, “Boycott Netflix or cancel your Netflix subscription. Besides the Obama Deal, Netflix hired Susan Rice, who was the NSA Director in the Obama Admin. She was in charge during the 2012 attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya that left 4 American Patriots Dead.”



Gary Gersin chimed in: “Boycott Netflix. WE ARE OUT!”

Still another Twitter user warned that the Obamas will use their massive Netflix platform to spread their radical-leftist propaganda.

“Cancel your subscription now,” the user urged. “The Obamas will be spreading Saul Alinski’s ideas all over Netflix!”

Deplorable Michael vowed: “I will cancel Netflix.”

Landon Stallworth tweeted: “What a mistake Netflix has made! We had to listen and deal with this fool for 8 years!”

Amy Mek: “I cancelled Netflix back in November when Soros invested heavily! We MUST stop monetarily supporting Radical Leftist media and the Jihadists trying to DESTROY America!”

On a somewhat related note, this is how the former president is using his influence.

Hopefully, Michelle Obama will steer clear of doing any cooking segments for Netflix.

Otherwise, they might turn out like this hair-raising video she filmed in 2015, where she looked bald while touting the benefits of healthy cooking.


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