Many Trump Supporters are Skeptical of McCain’s Sudden Inability to Vote

Senator John McCain is a traitor to America, and a disgrace to everything our country stands for, and has spent the past year doing his best to undermine, obstruct, and oust President Trump.

McCain, who is a proud globalist and an establishment elitist, has grown extravagantly wealthy during a career in public service, and lived a life of opulence and decadence as we struggled to make ends meet.

The treacherous McCain, who has longstanding friendships with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, “heroically” returned from a cancer diagnosis recently, just in time to vote “no” and kill the ObamaCare repeal attempt, sheerly in spite of President Trump.

Now, McCain’s health has taken a turn for the worst, and suddenly, we’re supposed to feel sorry for him– interestingly, this all comes as the vote on Trump’s tax overhaul draws near, which is disturbing to say the least.

Trump supporters took to social media to share their disgust with McCain, whose disdain for the “America First” agenda has earned him no love among the “MAGA” crowd.

Overwhelmingly, people demanded McCain resign, citing his ill health and old age, and calling him “unfit to serve,” while others flat-out called him the “Democrat” that he is.



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