Man Claiming ‘Dirt on Hillary’ Mysteriously Disappears 

Did the “Clinton Body Count” just go up?

A Russian-linked academic, who claimed he has “dirt” on Hillary, has fallen off the face of the earth, and Clinton “conspiracy theorists” are having a field day.

From Conservative Tribune

If you’re a believer in Clinton conspiracy theories, or theories about Trump/Russia collusion, your Spidey sense just got kicked into overdrive. And it’s all thanks to Joseph Mifsud.

According to CNN, Mifsud — the Russian-linked academic who a Trump campaign official allegedly said had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton — seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

“Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese academic suspected of being a link between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, was once a regular on the foreign policy circuit, attending conferences the world over,” CNN reported.

“Now, after being identified as a key figure in the U.S. special counsel investigation into Russian influence over the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Mifsud has gone to ground.”

According to CNN, Mifsud disappeared last Thursday from Rome, where he teaches at a university. Attempts to reach him were futile, although messages sent to him by the network have apparently been received and read.

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While Mifsud had claimed he had never talked about Russian “dirt” on Clinton, one of his colleagues said that he frequently boasted that Moscow had “compromising material” on the Democrat presidential candidate.

“At that time, according to U.S. officials and independent analysts, Russian agencies or proxies were rummaging around the stolen emails of both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee,” CNN wrote


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