Loretta Lynch Just Agreed to go ON THE RECORD Over Secret Tarmac Meeting

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is going “on the record” over her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, just before all charges were dropped against Hillary Clinton in her FBI email probe.

Lynch has agreed to appear on “NBC Nightly News” and discuss the meeting, as well as James Comey.

From Washington Times

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch will appear in an interview with “NBC Nightly News” host Lester Holt on Monday, where the two will discuss not only her controversial tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton in 2016, but also former FBI Director James Comey.

“Lynch will discuss former FBI Director James Comey, her airplane meeting with President Bill Clinton during the 2016 campaign and more,” the show’s official Twitter account tweeted Friday.

The tarmac meeting became a major campaign issue in 2016, and was reignited thanks to recent testimony from Comey in the summer of last year.

Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Lynch requested he minimize Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and said that Lynch’s spontaneous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton prompted him to announce that the FBI would not recommend charges be pressed against Hillary Clinton, although he called her actions “extremely careless.”

Lynch, who the first black woman to lead the Justice Department, will appear on TV just before Comey is poised for a media blitz promoting his upcoming book, “A Higher Loyalty,” which is due to be released April 17.


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