Look Who Crooked Hillary Thinks Is the ‘Leader of the Free World’

Hillary revealed to Joy-Ann Reid that she feels Angela Merkel is the current leader of the free world.

This makes perfect sense since Merkel is a die hard Globalist who has absolutely decimated Germany’s culture through importing over a million islamic “migrants” into her country and with it an epidemic of violence and sexual assault.

Since many know Hillary idolizes Merkel, it’s just another reason to breathe a sigh of relief that Hillary LOST and was not able to implement the same “open borders” disaster  in America.

From Yahoo

Hillary Clinton told MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid that she believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most important leader in the free world ― an extraordinary assessment by a former presidential candidate, U.S. secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady, and a remark likely to be seen as an affront to President Donald Trump.

Clinton made the remarks about Merkel in a wide-ranging interview that aired in multiple segments on Reid’s program on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the last questions Reid asked Clinton was about her long relationship with Merkel and how she thinks the German leader is responding to Trump’s presidency.

Reid: “You’ve known Angela Merkel for quite a long time, more than a decade. You were former secretary of state, obviously you― you know her. How― it’s sort of a two-parter, but how do you think she is weathering this Trump moment? And is she the leader of the free world?”

Clinton: “I think as to the first ― she’s weathering it, but it’s disappointing to her. She’s ― a serious person. She is the most important leader in the free world right now, in my estimation. She is someone who values predictability, stability…”


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