Look Which Hollywood Star Just Called Trump an “Enemy of Mankind”

Actor Sean Penn, who successfully portrayed a stoner high-school loser has declared the President of the United States an “enemy of the state,” and all mankind.

And Hollywood wonders why ticket sales are at record lows?

From Fox News

Actor Sean Penn blasted President Donald Trump in a Time Magazine op-ed late Friday, calling him an “enemy of mankind” and “enemy of the state.”

Penn, known for his roles as Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and as the titular character in “Milk,” expressed outrage at Trump’s reported admonishment of third world countries.

He criticized Trump for singling out Haiti, which was rocked by a massive earthquake in 2010.

Penn said he can still smell the “blood and death” that greeted him when he touched down in the island nation during relief efforts and said Trump’s words about the nation were “disgraceful.”

He said many Haitians who sought refuge in the United States did indeed come with lower educational attainment and wealth, but that those same people worked hard to excel in the fields they chose.

Penn said Trump is encouraging “an enslavement of America by a core minority of the electorate” and that the New Yorker has become an “enemy of Americans.”

He said Americans should ignore Trump’s rhetoric and instead try to unify with nations he has spoken about, like El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico and those in the Middle East.

The actor, who also made headlines for making several visits with late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, added that Trump is also “an enemy of mankind [and] indeed an enemy of the state.”


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