LOL: Star Trek’s LeVar Burton, is Getting Confused for LaVar Ball on Twitter

Former NBA basketball player and celebrity wannabe, LaVar Ball, is making headlines lately by complaining about President Trump, who recently saved his son from 10 years in a Chinese prison.

Ball’s son, who was visiting China with the UCLA, was arrested, along with three other teammates, for stealing sunglasses, and faced up to 10 years in prison.

However, during President Trump’s trip to China, he persuaded Chinese President Xi Jinping to release the three, but sadly, LaVar Ball was anything but grateful for the release of his son.

Instead, the attention-seeking “celebrity” used the incident as an opportunity to bring the spotlight on himself, apparently sticking to the “no publicity is bad publicity” motto, and has reveled in the attention he’s received from the press ever since.

The rest of the country largely disagrees with Ball’s assessment of the situation, and feels embarrassed and disgusted by his childish and foolish behavior, so Americans took to social media to call him out…

Unfortunately, Levar Burton, actor on “Star Trek” and host of “Reading Rainbow,” was accidentally confused with Lavar Ball, and chaos ensued…

For his part, Burton seemed to find the whole thing pretty funny, and retweeted several tweets on the matter.

Actor Brent Spiner cracked a joke at Burton, suggesting he should change his name.

Thankfully, LeVar Burton is known for his calm demeanor and rational approach to things, and took the mixup in stride.

LaVar Ball could learn a thing or two from LeVar Burton, who chose to let the whole thing die down, rather than using it to get more time in the spotlight!

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