LOL: Sarah Turns the Tables on Reporter Whose Phone Rings During Presser

Anyone who works for Donald Trump knows that he expects hard work and dedication to the job, and in the case of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, her job just might be the most difficult of all.

As Press Secretary, Huckabee is forced into regular contact with the worst Trump-hating shills the mainstream media can dredge up, including CNN’s Jim Acosta and others.

The press hasn’t bothered to hide their anti-Trump agenda, and have delighted at the opportunity to attack President Trump’s administration, with Sarah Huckabee taking some of the worst abuse.

Huckabee, however, has remained unshakable, and always parries the blows of the lying media with skill and deftness.

Recently, however, it was Huckabee’s turn to go on the “offensive,” and when a reporter got an unexpected phone call during a press briefing, she couldn’t help but take a playful jab at his expense.

“Glen’s got a call. Maybe he needed to phone a friend to get help with his question.¬†Glen, I had more faith in you to be able to ask a question all by yourself,” joked Sanders, who must have enjoyed turning the tables on the mainstream media!

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