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LOL: Look What Hackers are Doing to ISIS Propaganda Websites!

When it comes to fighting Islamic terrorist group ISIS, there are more battlefronts than ever before, including cyber space.

ISIS has gained a reputation not just for their extreme brutality, but their ability to use social media to influence and brainwash young men and women to carry out their heinous attacks.

Now, a group of Iraqi hackers is taking the fight to ISIS online, and is causing damage and distrust among the terrorists by targeting their propaganda websites.

The group, which goes by the name “Daeshgram,” has hacked several ISIS websites, and in one case, photoshopped a nude woman into an ISIS newsletter!

From Fox News

A group of Iraqi computer hackers has launched a cyberoperation against the ISIS terror group by slipping pornographic images into its official communication channels, according to a report published this week.

Members of the hacker group, which calls itself Daeshgram (a play on an Arabic acronym many use to describe ISIS), told Newsweek that the goal is to show distrust among ISIS supporters about messages from the group’s leadership.

In one instance, the hackers photoshopped an image of a naked woman into an announcement about the opening of a media center in ISIS-controlled Syria. The altered image made it appear that the ISIS extremists were viewing pornography.

Daeshgram’s most prominent target is Amaq, which one hacker described as “a so-called news agency” for ISIS. The group forced the site offline with a denial-of-service attack before creating an exact replica of the page with messages mocking the terror group’s ideology.

“Daesh responded by telling supporters not to trust any of the Amaq links,” a hacker told the magazine. “They even had fights among themselves about the topic and deleted each other from various groups.”

“Go on [encrypted messaging app] Telegram and you will see that Daesh are confused about Amaq and don’t trust it,” the Daeshgram hacker added. “So we think we have been successful to an extent, and we are only six people.”