LOL: Impeachment King Al Greene Says Trump Inflicting ‘Hurt and Pain’ on Voters

Democrat Rep Al Green, who, like his counterpart Maxine “Mad Max” Waters, is obsessed with impeaching President Trump.

Green is now claiming that President Trump is inflicting “hurt and pain” on voters.

Maybe he’ll try and impeach over that?

From Breitbart

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said voters were “fed up” with the “hurt and pain” President Donald Trump’s behavior is causing.

Green said, “I will vote for impeachment, and I will do so because this president is unfit. He has taken discourse to a level that we’ve not seen. He called a member of congress whacky, the member of Congress from Florida, Ms. Wilson. The president does these things, and he goes back to the White House, where he’s protected. Ms. Wilson has had to suffer threats. There was a prayer vigil with reverend Al Sharpton there just recently to support her. These things are a detriment to the fiber and fabric of our country. Calling people who are racist, known racists who are bigots saying that they’re nice people, this is not America. Our country is much better than this, and the way for us to remedy this is with impeachment. I don’t guarantee results, but I guarantee you that there will be a vote.”

He added, “I think that President Trump is creating a backlash. This is not celebrating what happened in Virginia and other places. It’s a recognition that people are fed up with this behavior, the kind of hurt and pain that he’s causing.”


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