LOCK HER UP! Calls Grow for Omarosa to Be PROSECUTED Over Her Secret Recordings

Best-selling author and proud Trump supporter Charlie Kirk and others are calling on disgruntled former White House employee, Omarosa, to be arrested.

Kirk lambasted the vile, bitter scorned former Trump employee after she aired part of a recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her during a media appearance.

Omarosa also claims she has a secret White House recording of President Trump.

Kirk and others ended their tweets with the #LockHerUp hashtag, made famous because of Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

Conservative powerhouse Candace Owens is also calling for Omarosa to be charged for illegally recording a White House official.

And finally journalist Ben Shapiro commented on Omarosa, saying it will be “amazing” when Omarosa is the very first Trump official to go jail.


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