Liz Warren Pulls a Political Stunt By Refusing NRA Donations, But There’s One BIG Problem

Like all Democrats, Elizabeth Warren won’t let a good tragedy go to waste.

She made sure to CASH IN on the recent Texas school shooting, by vowing that she’ll NEVER take money from the NRA, who have never offered her a dime.

Yet another shameless, and offensive political stunt by heartless Democrats.

From Daily Wire

In an “inspirational” video for Now This News, Sen. Elizabeth Warren forcefully pledges that she will never take a dime from the National Rifle Association, particularly in light of a recent school shooting near Houston, Texas.

But there’s just one problem: the NRA has never cut a check to Warren, and they aren’t about to start now.

Now This News proudly trumpets their “exclusive,” calling Warren the “first U.S. Senator to pledge never to take money from the NRA. The activist news organization even devotes a flattering three minutes to Warren’s “pledge,” superimposing “facts” about Sen. Warren over action photos.

The National Rifle Association is far from one of the biggest corporate campaign donors — it doesn’t typically crack the top fifty, unlike more aggressive political non-profits, like Planned Parenthood — but it is by no means a stingy donor to those candidates who support gun rights (including, but not limited to, Sen. Bernie Sanders).

But according to Open Secrets, which has records for the NRA going back nearly a decade, the NRA has never cut a check to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren — not even the token $50 checks they sometimes send Democratic Members of Congress from states where hunting is particularly popular. In 2012, the last time Warren ran for office, the NRA actually scaled back donations across the board, giving just slightly more than $1 million to Congressional races.

It’s not as though the NRA is clamoring to donate to Warren now, either. Her rhetoric in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting has been nothing short of vitriolic, and the NRA doesn’t typically cut checks to candidates who are openly hostile to their aims. It’ll be shockingly easy for her to keep her brave “pledge.”


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