Lindsey Graham Warns Trump Not to Pardon Gen. Flynn

The GOP swamp is already coming out against Gen. Michael Flynn, warning President Trump not to pardon him.

But, it’s ok for Hillary Clinton to get away with lying to the FBI, the American people, mishandling classified emails, acid-washing her hard drive while under a congressional subpoena, paying for a fake dossier and cheating her opponent by rigging the primary?

From Axios

Two GOP Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott have now warned President Trump not to pardon former National Security advisor Michael Flynn.

Flynn plead guilty last week of lying to the FBI and has admitted to contacts with Russia at the behest of the Trump transition team.

The event was wildly overstated in the media and falsely reported by ABC News in an attempt to mislead the public about President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Axios Reported: A revealing exchange between Jake Tapper and Republican Senator Tim Scott on CNN’s “State of the Union”.

Tapper: “Your fellow senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, told CNN that he would urge President Trump to pledge to not pardon Michael Flynn. Do you agree with that?”‘

Scott: “I do.”


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